Tarot – The Journey of the Fool

The Fools Journey Kabbalah TMTFrom A Self-Guided Tour to the State of Happiness
By Cameo Victor (1999)


is innocent and does not remember the self.
It learns about itself by falling into ego and by exploring the four life paths.
The paths of Blades, Hearts, Stars, and Staves are encountered in daily life.

BLADES- is the path experienced by the physical body.
In Blades, the Fool seeks to find truth and reality in the here and now.
The fight is between idealism and ego, versus the way it is.

HEARTS- is the path experienced as emotions in the heart.
In Hearts, the Fool seeks human relationships and mystical ecstasy.
The fight is to dispel illusions about love, and to open the heart.

STARS- is the path experienced in the conscious mind.
In processing Stars, the Fool seeks to understand the meaning of life.
The fight is to clear the mind of negativity and to reach perfect clarity.

STAVES- is the path experienced in our everyday activities.
It is growing up in the world and working with family and career.
The fight is to transcend life’s problems and transmute them into wisdom.

THE COURT CARDS- represent the process of gathering energy for each path.
The kings represent the active, masculine energy of the path.
The queens represent the receptive feminine energy, the calling to the path.
The knights are the functional, catalyst force, the moving energy.
The page is the result of integration of the King, Queen, and Knight.
The page always represents you, your Fool self, ready to enter the path.

THE ACES- are the highest realization of each path.
The ace of Blades is a rush of pure vitality in a conscious body.
The ace of Hearts is an emotional flood of pure love in the heart.
The ace of Stars is pure consciousness in a clear, objective mind.
The ace of Staves is the open crown, awake to the perfect unity of all things.

has experienced the external world and tasted the aces.
The wise Fool is now eager to begin the internal work of the major arcana.
Each of the 21 major arcana is a problem or stage of development that the Fool
must assimilate until emerging as a healthy, mature, enlightened Fool.

is the completely realized human being,
filled with joy in the midst of life’s inevitable difficulties.


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3 thoughts on “Tarot – The Journey of the Fool

  1. happy heuristics May 28, 2013 at 7:55 pm Reply

    Interesting this focus on the fool’s journey as Everyman’ s Journey to happiness. Thanks. I wrote about the fool archetype back in January, if you want to have a look at it:http://happyheuristics.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/the-fool-archetype/

    • thesevenminds May 29, 2013 at 7:28 pm

      I will definitely take a peek! 🙂

    • thesevenminds May 29, 2013 at 7:44 pm

      Interesting analysis. It helps to see that the fool goes through stages as a person. From child to elder. The happy fool – or even the lucky fool – seems more befitting of a journey early in life. There will be enough energy or ignorance to be able to bounce back up from a tumble. But, to get to the deeper layers of self the ‘nar’ will not do. There should come a time when the fool reaches a level of maturity, and the journey will reflect that. That may be why I think of the fool more as an alchemist. A more mature role.

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