Hungry Ghosts: The Diet of the Dead among the [Preta]


John Steinbeck once observed, “Where does discontent start? You are warm enough, but you shiver. You are fed, yet hunger gnaws you. You have been loved, but your yearning wanders in new fields. And to prod all these there’s time, the Bastard Time.”  Stretch that time to eternity, and you may run into one of the many phantasmal foragers that are collectively known as “hungry ghosts”.  If you are foolish enough to live a mortal life of insatiable greed your recompense, in several mythologies, appears to be condemnation to wander the earth for all time, insanely hungry, but unable to eat, and desperately thirsty, but unable to drink.  By this logic, Wall Street should look like a scene from the Walking Dead, but unfortunately the Abrahamic Western deity is a cruel, desert God and all indications are that there is very little justice in the universe.  And it’s kind of…

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