Indian Palmistry – In Manibus Fortuna (3)

palmprintThis is the continuance of the post In Manibus Fortuna. The next 20 minus descriptions, are below.

From Indian Palmistry
by J.B. Dale (1895)

References to the Hand

[See for the first 20, here. See for the second 20, here.]

No. 41. Small lines running vertical to joint.
Location. Second phalanx of ring finger.
Interpretation. Indicates fame, especially if a straight and well-defined line passes up the middle of the finger.

No. 42. Small cross bars.
Location. Third phalanx of ring finger.
Interpretation. Honours and riches.

No. 43. Small cross or star.
Location. On mount of Mercury close to joint.
Interpretation. Eloquence.

No. 44. Two small stars or indented line.
Location. On mount of Mercury, one below the other, or a clear indented line on mount of Apollo.
Interpretation. The first indicates a brilliant mind. The line on mount of Apollo also shows a noted and brilliant mind, but the loss of a dear male friend, sometimes death of wife.

No. 45. Cross bars.
Location. On second phalanx of little finger.
Interpretation. Shows a thief or a very deceitful person.

No. 46. Marriage lines.
Location. Small lines on outside of hand on mount of Mercury.
Interpretation. These, according to their number, denote the number of husbands or wives should the widow line also appear; without it these may mean lovers.

No. 47. Crest of Hermes.
Location. Small crosses or star on third phalanx of little finger, especially in the centre.
Interpretation. Shows ingenuity and eloquence.

No. 48. Small concentric circles formed by pores of the skin.
Location. On first phalanx of all fingers.
Interpretation. Denotes that the person will be always earning or inheriting money all his life, and in fact it is one of the most successful signs in the hand for pecuniary success.

No. 49. Concentric.
Location. On Mounts.
Interpretation. The same on the mounts indicate money by or through persons or things indicated by the mount of the fingers, on the forefinger, a wealthy partner; on the mount of Saturn, wealth by lands, house property, legacies; on the ring finger by successful business, or profession and fame ; on the mount of Mercury by writings, by profession, by eloquence, etc. Should these assume an elongated form, as seen on middle finger, then, if unbroken, the person will succeed by labour and many difficulties ; if none appear, then they will never succeed in pecuniary matters, unless the hand is otherwise very strong.

No. 50. Lapis Lazuli.
Location. Tip of middle finger.
Interpretation. Same as above on mount of Saturn but in foreign countries or from abroad.

No. 51. Lapis Lazuli.
Location. On mount of Saturn or middle finger.
Interpretation. Same as No. 50.

No. 52. Shell form shown by pores of skin.
Location. On first phalanx of little finger.
Interpretation. This is perhaps the best means of success, as shown above, in writing and speaking, etc., if other testimonies concur, but I prefer the complete circle.

No. 53. Corn or diamond loops.
Location. On joints of fingers.
Interpretation. Should the lines on the joints, between the phalanges of the fingers, take the form of a barleycorn or diamond, the person may expect many and unexpected advantages, but much depends on the sum of these lines when counted.

No. 54. Luna lines.
Location. Near mount of Moon on outside of hand, below the Liver or Father line.
Interpretation. Aptitude for travelling, a sailor, quietness, contentment, poetic imagination when regular; cross bars here give discontent, sometimes suicide, a morbid imagination.

No. 55. Line of intuition.
Location. A line running from the Liver line to the mount of the Moon.
Interpretation. This shows poetic intelligence, seldom found except in highly imaginative and intellectual persons.

No. 56. Line of Temper.
Location. A line running vertically from mount of Mars to mount of Moon.
Interpretation. This denotes determination and decision.


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