Knowledge Undigested

7M - Kleshas - GluttonyWhen remote learning has halted and experience is necessary
by Iniko Ujaama [Edited]

Food undigested becomes a nuisance. Knowledge unassimilated becomes perhaps a greater nuisance.

I have grasped many lessons since my christian days and have found that “The ALL” is just that “ALL”. The material existence is relative. People like Deepak Chopra say that you create reality every moment and that which you experience is your creation. I can begin to wrap my head around this. I have gone to the illusion of atheism. (I say illusion because it usually cannot fully explain itself and ends usually in a paradox. Also I think atheism arises largely from a rebellion against a misinterpretation of higher truth which then comes across as a constraining concept of The ALL/ GOD.)

I keep reading and seeing more and more to reinforce what I know, at least in the conceptual sense, of what reality must be in a more profound or higher sense. However my plight arises in my inability to confirm with experience that which I believe must be truth. That I am really part of the ALL and therefore connected to everything else.

Additionally, I’m African and I do identify with the cause of uplift of my people not only because I identify with the race but because I think that the world is running currently anti-man, and Africans are among the worst hit. I do not believe there are any accidents. Neither the fact that I am born African, nor the state of affairs of Africans, I think is accidental. But I still need to Rationalize it.

Why are we Africans situated where we are currently, and for the last few centuries? (Some say that all in our life is a consequence of actions in this or other lives.) Why was I born among those worst hit? (And this is in no way a show of regret.) What determines what race you are born in? And, were those who are born African necessarily African in their former life (lives)?

Is it our duty as African to concern ourselves with the fate of other Africans? Or are we here simply to re-member our selves? Or are the two synonymous? If so why?

The following question may not have an answer now. What is the experience like being one with THE ALL? Is it a constant state or is it a momentary glimpse? How does one move from knowing that one is part of THE ALL to actually experiencing this higher nature?

I do give thanks to all who may help forward my development in this regard as these are aged questions in my mind. I have met reasonings sometimes with a very stern and perhaps aggressive response, and I wonder sometimes whether one cannot be enlightened without such harshness or perceived harshness. Thanks in advanced for the reasoning.

Blessed love to ALL and THE ALL.

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13 thoughts on “Knowledge Undigested

  1. bert0001 February 24, 2013 at 3:52 pm Reply

    Krishnamurti’s Notebook page 33:
    “Early in the morning when the sun was not yet up and the dew on the grass,
    still in bed, lying quietly, without any thought or movement, there was a seeing,
    not the superficial seeing with the eyes but seeing through the eyes from behind
    the head. The eyes and from behind the head were only the instrument through
    which the immeasurable past was seeing into the immeasurable space that had no
    time. And later, still in bed, there was a seeing in which all life seemed to be
    How easy it is to deceive oneself, to project desirable states which are
    actually experienced, especially when they are pleasure. There’s no illusion, no
    deception, when there’s no desire, conscious or unconscious, for any experience
    of any kind, when one’s wholly indifferent to the coming and going of all
    experience, when one’s not asking for anything.”

    Bernadette Roberts “experience of no self” Chapter3:
    “A week or two after the above insight, I was making a retreat with the Hermit Monks on the Big Sur. About the second day, toward late afternoon, I was standing on their windy hillside looking down over the ocean when a seagull came into view, gliding, dipping, playing with the wind. I watched it as I had never watched anything before in my life. I almost seemed to be mesmerized; it was as if I was watching myself flying, for there was not the usual division between us. Yet something more was there than just a lack of separateness, “something” truly beautiful and unknowable. Finally I turned my eyes to the pine-covered hills behind the monastery and still, there was no division, only something “there” that was flowing with and through every vista and particular object of vision. To see the Oneness of everything is like having special 3D glasses put before your eyes; I thought to myself: for sure, this is what they mean when they say “God IS Everywhere.”

    • thesevenminds February 24, 2013 at 6:06 pm

      Nice. I have not seen this on your blog, so I will make the comment into a separate post. Krishnamurti and Roberts speak (spoke) from another state of mind. To see that ‘suffering’ does not mean that one has to suffer.

    • bert0001 February 24, 2013 at 7:20 pm

      What is for you the most important question right here, right now?

    • thesevenminds February 24, 2013 at 10:32 pm

      The interesting thing is, that when I sit down and think about what to ask, there is no thing to ask. I am doing what I am supposed to do, so I can continue to do what I need to do. I am dealing with a tough situation, but I know what I need to do. I need to deal with the consequences of other people’s handiwork. Any questions? No.

  2. bert0001 February 25, 2013 at 10:13 am Reply

    Keep replaying events as they happened in your head, and try to find out more of what actually did happen. Unfortunately, it is your mind doing the replay, so you will only see a self-filtered version. However, you will find new elements in new events while you grow, over months and years. Doing this is a kind of meditation.
    You might or you might not get answers.
    They might be correct but they might be wrong either.

    Conditioning is the thing that makes us blind. It is in more obvious things like culture and religion and law, but it is also in your past, upbringing and ways of thinking. If you find somebody’s cellphone one the street what would you do? What you would do is based on conventions of society and conventions in your head. Last time I brought an untraceable phone to the policestation, and they asked me more questions then if I would have been caught for theft of cigarettes in a petrol station. That past experience is conditioning me, next time when I want to do the ‘right’ thing. The ‘right’ thing is also conditioning. The Right thing is not based on conditioning, but on the actual situation without looking too much into the past.

    Krishnamurti is dead, but Bernadette Roberts is still alive. But you are right. I don’t think that when I was sitting next to her in the plane from Paris to Tokyo that I might have questions. And it is quite possible that her answers would be too far away from my way of thinking.

    I don’t think that prolonged suffering is good for anything. That kind of suffering we cannot do anything against ourselves, like cancer. The suffering we cause ourselves to ourselves can have a healing effect. We are in control. Our ignorance or the opposite will guide us into the choice we will make to live an easier and better life.

    • thesevenminds February 25, 2013 at 10:48 am

      Society is riddled with double talk. The police claiming to protect, but everyone is viewed as a criminal. Seeing through the double talk and the actions based on it, does not make it go away. The next step is to deal with that reality without getting attached to it. To see the police as an instrument, and understand that they have one function: to control US. The matrix of control needs us to cooperate otherwise it does not work. I find it a challenge to be able to see through it, and function well despite of it. To know that what I need to do in a difficult situation is the same as in an easy situation: act from a calm state of mind.

  3. bert0001 February 25, 2013 at 11:40 am Reply

    But the point of view that ‘Society is riddled with double talk. The police claiming to protect, but everyone is viewed as a criminal (or slave)’ is in itself nothing more but an opinion, that will also function as a filter to see through. The filter itself is often correct, but also often not. The filter ‘Matrix of control’ is a filter to see through. It is an average reality that does not exist moment to moment.

    There was a time I got very afraid of the sound of a police siren. We lived close to the fire brigade, and some of their vehicles made the same noise. To be able to lead a ‘normal’ life, I had to unlearn my fear and my filter on reality. The reality that they were not going to make noise if they wanted to catch me. The reality that I was innocent, no matter what intimidations they had tried on me. When they finally came for yet another house search, I touched the other side, the eggshells they constantly walk on when they are unsure in the gray-zone what to do. We had a talk on philosophy. They didn’t search. In the end, one of them asked me to fix his computer. I unlearned my mistrust. Although it took a lot of time.

    When I see a policeman in Nigeria as somebody who makes our car stop to get a bribe, I will not make contact with him. If he is indeed stopping our car to get a bribe, and I start a friendly conversation with him, talking about his family, and where he was born, he will forget what he was doing, and will continue his day with a warmer feeling for humanity, even without the money he intended to get.

    • thesevenminds February 25, 2013 at 6:37 pm

      It is powerful to understand the situation, to know what to do and how to do it… and then do it. No loss of energy by trying to manipulate them. Instead to reach into them. I can see it and how it works, but it is not a steady line of action yet. I cannot alter ‘reality’, but I can lift my own ignorance. Find it, look at it and release it. But, I am still looking into this. That is also why I post on dimensions now and then.

    • bert0001 February 25, 2013 at 7:17 pm

      Both examples came from before my interest in the spiritual world. I used to be fearful before situations (still a little now) but never while something was going on. Human to human: he or she is just as human as you. You think alike. Only really crazy people, people under influence or people in deep fear, are unpredictable and really dangerous.

    • bert0001 February 25, 2013 at 7:23 pm

      My spiritual quest started from an interest in other realities, like angels or their counterparts. But even Lucifer deserves compassion, and then he becomes powerless. I didn’t meet other realities in the past 5 years or so. Neither had any nightmare that i can remember during the last years. Perhaps the other realities only exist in our shared cultural reality, in the deep layers of our mind.
      If we really touch the ultimate, I think that we will indeed talk like Krishnamurti and the other mystics.

    • thesevenminds February 25, 2013 at 8:03 pm

      Lucifer has nothing on some people that I have met! I found it hard to have compassion for psychopaths, as they stared at me coldly to see how much pain they could inflict. Detached to their own emotions, not even understanding why other people ‘choose’ to have them.

      There is indeed another reality, with many forms that can do good but may get angry too. Children have nightmares of witches after the fairy tales get read to them. The same for adults. One has to – at some previous point – have heard about other beings, to be able to conjure them up at all. It is the same with the ‘white light at the end of the tunnel’ as the story of life after death. As people have become familiar with it, do they now expect it? That could be troublesome. To not expect any other death than one that comes with a tunnel and a light. To refuse to accept that one is dead otherwise…

      I do not see samsara as an illusion. Within samsara the powerful few have built matrices that enslave even further. Making trillions of dollars of the enslavement of billions of people. Krishnamurti was educated to see it, as he was selected to lead part of it.

  4. bert0001 February 25, 2013 at 9:13 pm Reply

    I will embark a bit on mental problems on my own blog, where you referred to them also.

    You correctly see expectations as one source of delusion, a source of conditioning. But evenso, samsara and nirvana, two sides of one coin are just the same a delusion.
    Most will not like to hear this. There is only here and now. If you see samsara and nirvana in the here and now, you will get frustrated because you think nirvana is not attainable. That frustration is going to be the source of more delay in surrendering to what is.

    The biggest hindrance for seeing what is, is the mind itself. Get to know the mind, study it, replay what happened to it in your head. Look how it works. Not much different from google. Your own personal google in your head. But not more than that either. Only conceptual data, billions of links, any sensory experience will yield a page full of googlitics. You use that information as if it were the truth, but it is only based on your own, slef interpreted past. Your memory is not reliable. The sportscommenter in your head needs to be monitored. If you do this long enough, there will be a day when you ‘notice’ that he isn’t there any more for many moments, and then he comes back.
    And if you continue looking at it, he will slowly become controllable, and you will have access to more silence. Only then Truth will begin to show, little by little, uninterpreted, the way it really is.

    It is not so good to have an aim, the aim will be a source of frustration too, but without the aim, and the perseverance, there is no progress. So have an aim, but keep it not in front.

    • thesevenminds February 25, 2013 at 11:16 pm

      Stuck in the wrong mind is like walking in a circle, suffering. Still, no need to suffer while suffering. There are many ways of putting ‘liberation’ into words. It is all good. I have got a truck load of things to still post! See you on your site to discuss more studies.

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