Solar Plexus Chakra Food – Pleasure Food *

Inca God IntiAt the solar plexus chakra level it becomes clear why discipline is needed to be able to have a healthy body and mind. The solar plexus chakra represents self-development in society.

We cannot remain in the protective environment of our family and close friends (sacral chakra level). From a young age on, we are to go school, and then continue to work or run our own business as we get older. We are to become part of society. Society is as big or as small as we make it. For those who have business around the globe, the world becomes their society. We now spend time eating meals and snacks away from our family homes. How does this effect our diet?

It depends on society. In the West, the majority of the food of society is in the hands of a few big corporations. Those corporations do not only control the food society eats, but also dictate what that food is to be. These companies control the food from the moment of its conception in their laboratories, until it disintegrates in our stomachs and on. This would be a positive thing, if it was not for the fact that these corporations are only motivated by greed. This means that they want to sell food that cost least to make, will last longer than Nature prescribes, and will allow most profit. They do not care if the food is compatible with our digestive system or not. They sell us pleasure and illusions. As long as it looks like food and tastes somewhat like it, we seem willing to buy it and eat it.

Solar plexus chakra food is complex food. It is as complex as the society we live in. We get to ‘choose’ to eat food that we do not need, to get attached to it. We do not need coffee, cola and chocolate, but to try to get it away from an addict is to risk your life. We do not need to eat a cow a person a day, but it seems like some will not stop eating before they have. Of all the meat that we can eat, I find beef the most incompatible with the human digestive system. But, I must admit that I only know my own digestive system to get highly upset if I would ever eat beef again.

This society demands meat, fish, eggs or milk with (almost) every meal. And people ignore their own body’s signals, to comply. People want to fit into society, so it becomes a need to eat this food. And, before long it is a habit. And, not too long after that it is tradition. The food wrongfully gets attached to the sacral chakra level, or even the root chakra level, when it is not the own body nor mind, but the corporations of society demanding the food. The solar plexus chakra is about self-development, but most of us let society dictate how to develop. Thus, we eat as society tells us. Instead of strengthening the chakra, we allow it to get blocked.

Solar plexus chakra food is the exception to a healthy diet. The food is no longer produced or prepared with love and care to be able to feel satisfaction, but with speed and chemicals to induce a pleasure effect. So, what to look out for? Food that is:
– not organic (that is, food that is removed from the way Nature intended the food – the seed was engineered, or chemicals or poisons have become part of the food, the food is usually not ripe);
– void of nutrients (all nutrients got removed to keep you craving for more of the product);
– not recognizable (brand recognition is a trick to have people bypass food recognition);
– complex (like microwave meals, ready-made sauces and liquids);
– mixed or minced;
– food that does not agree with the body (causing bloating, itching, or worse);
– food that does not agree with the mind (depression has become a common ailment in our society).

It is no use to list all possible solar plexus chakra food. Just look at all the packaged food at the grocery store and the menus at fast food places. At any time, an obligation in society might dictate that we eat some of it. But, there is still some choice to begotten. The trick is to have a plan, and to stick to it. Decide on the limit of complexity that the solar plexus chakra food can have. To allow for one or two things, but not all. Remind yourself that the body does not need complex food. It does not have the whole day to figure out what to do with it. Within only a few hours – if not sooner – the next pleasure snack or meal will be downloaded.

For me, my sacral chakra food is my diet, and few if any solar plexus chakra food is allowed. I have spent a lot of time arguing with my body to get it right. I did not want to give up on my solar plexus food, but I was overruled. And as I was a luxury position of having a kitchen in my office, I can stick to my diet. However, I will be working outside of my own office soon again, and will face the question of what food to eat out there in ‘society’. Food that will not be too much of a ballast to my body and mind. I know that I will have to concentrate on solutions for lunch and after-lunch snacks.

Even though I allow for some meat in my diet, I am not willing to eat any that I have not prepared myself. So, the smell of grilled chicken or pork cannot persuade me to fit in with everyone else eager to have the biggest chunk of meat. Instead, I could eat cheese sandwiches and drink pure orange juice or berry juice. If I stay out long enough to also have to share dinner with ‘society’, then I may find myself forced to eat sacral chakra food that cannot be called organic. I will just have to take some digestive enzymes to help my body deal with that.

The problem is not just that I may need to eat without an opportunity to cook the food myself. I live in a society that tells me that food is to give me a lot of pleasure. And all the food that is sold as pleasure food, just happens to have a lot of sugar. I have never seen a commercial where a man or woman fakes an orgasm over a potato. Unless it gets covered with sugar and chocolate, there is nothing sexy about it, is there? The messages all around us, telling us that we need to eat sexy – sugar – food. Advertisers tap into our emotional baggage to get us attached to the idea of it and then to the product itself. We go out to buy it, and allow it into our system. Though I manage to keep a very limited intake of solar plexus chakra food, I find that I can still get distracted by the promise of pleasure food.

So, even though I have my bottom line list of sacral chakra food plus cheese sandwiches and orange or berries juice, I still need to be aware of the pressure that comes from the pleasure principle that society dangles in front of me like a fluorescent carrot. As I will start seeing other people eat food covered with complex sauces, or chocolate and sugar, I might desire to share in the pleasure. I might have already gone through my whole bag of cherries or roasted nuts, when that desire overrules discipline.

If I find myself giving in beyond my bottom line, then I can choose to go back to root chakra level to work on my discipline, battle it out with my body – and lose – on solar plexus level, or take things up to the heart chakra to restore balance through purification.

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  2. Ken April 29, 2017 at 4:39 am Reply

    Is there a place that I can go to to be around like minded people who want to expand their mind through Kemetic spirituality.

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