Sacral Chakra Food – Family Food *

Tantra KhajurahoDiscipline starts at the root. The chakra diet is based on a strong foundation formed by the root chakra food. To get the mind to embrace this foundation is just the beginning of discipline.

Sacral chakra food nurtures belonging in an intimate human circle. As children we are part of a family, and we form relationships with friends. If all is well, we grow up sufficiently protected from the increasing demands of the outside world. We learn to adept in a small intimate society. As we grow up, we try to keep a similar circle of family and friends around us. We trust them, and we share with them our food.

Just as with the root chakra food, the sacral chakra food is kept as simple as possible. There is more choice of food and flavor, but the different ingredients still have to be recognizable after the meal is prepared. The body needs to be able to discern the ingredients of the meal, to be able to easily digest it. Pleasure is added through the selection of flavors, and by the company one keeps while sharing the food.

Root chakra food forms the first layer for sacral chakra food. At the sacral level, there are more ingredients to choose from. This becomes clear from the long list of vegetables available. But, first I am to mention the possibility of adding more grains – and not just organic wheat – to the diet. The preferred form is bread, and not flakes.

I choose from the vegetables that I like to eat and my body signals are easily digested:
– leafy vegetables like spinach;
– stalky vegetables like celery;
– dark-colored vegetables like beets;
– bean sprouts;
– bell peppers, egg-plant, okra;
– pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber;
– sweat potato, yam, plantain.

Whatever organic vegetables one is used to, can be put on the list. I use different colored vegetables to make an attractive dish. For example, a chunky (rustic) vegetable soup of green peas, sweet potato, and orange pumpkin. On top of white basmati rice. Another example: lightly fried basmati rice with fine-sliced celery, leek, paksoy, and carrot. My body will be able to prepare for digestion from what I see, touch to cook, and smell. And I will be able to explain it to others, and not confuse them. The taste will confirm my honest cooking.

I do not use tomatoes, but for those who like it, I would list it among the vegetables. Because whenever I smell fresh-cut tomatoes my body tells me that it is a vegetable, and that it needs to be cooked before consumption. Even people who only eat raw food, I would advise to at least steam the vegetables.

I do not use cabbage or cauliflower, because my body refuses to digest it properly. It is great sacral chakra food for those who can digest it. I do use paksoy (cabbage family) when I make fried rice. But when I eat it, I also suffer some mild flatulent side-effects. Bean sprouts are a ‘safer’ bet.

I have not yet decided on the proper place for seaweed. As I do not eat sushi anymore, I need to allow my body to assign the proper place afresh. I found a site the other day with a recipe for baked seaweed, but am still to try it.

Vegetables can be steamed or baked. I use olive oil to bake my food in, but at sacral level another vegetable oil can be used. I recommend choosing a non-GMO brand.

To compliment the taste of carbs and vegetables, there is a whole array of spices and herbs that can be used to achieve pleasure upon tasting. The spices and herbs that one uses will generally depend on cultural heritage – by birth or adopted. Next to the root chakra food seasoning, I might use:
– red bell pepper (paprika) powder;
– ginger;

– fennel seed or anise seed;
– sesame seed or small pumpkin seed;

cumin seed, masala or madras, and/or nutmeg.

At sacral chakra level, the seasoning should not be overdone. The seasoning is to be the glue that binds, not to become the plaster that covers. The food has to remain recognizable. One has to maintain a healthy link with the body, to enable an effective and efficient digestion. The body needs to be able to give feedback on every and any part of the meal. Besides, food of good quality usually does not need much seasoning.

The seasoning also allows for tea. At the root level water is to remain water. At the sacral level herbs, seeds or plants can be added. I advice an organic grower’s source. Get real tea leafs or seeds, instead of chemically added flavor.

wood-feng shuiSo far, the sacral chakra food just adds extra flavors to the root chakra basis. However, there is one big difference: the snacks. At root level, the snacks are baked potato, baked cassava, rice cakes or wheat rolls. Baked in olive oil or seasoned with it. And only salt and white pepper can be added.

At sacral chakra level the fruits of the trees supplement the diet, as snacks. The fruits and nuts should not be used for the main meals. Thus, the body will remain disciplined to recognize the fruits and nuts as the proper snack for in-between main meals. Once in a while, I allow for one exception: gherkins (pickles) without added sugar.

My fruit list is quite short:
berries and cherries;
oranges and kaki;
melon, mango and passion fruit;
grapes and dates.

In the Summer, I eat a lot of melon, mango, grapes and dates. In Winter, I eat berries and oranges. Cherries, kaki and passion fruit, are special treats, not to be overdone. Preferably, the fruit is to be eaten, not turned into juice.

The only fruit that I mix are berries, because my body lets me know not to even bother otherwise. I can never eat enough to feel like I have eaten anything worthwhile. It is the same with raisins. The bigger fruits are to speak for themselves by themselves.

My nuts list is even shorter:
– roasted pistachio nuts;
– roasted and salted cashew nuts.

In the Summer, I like to eat pistachio nuts. Whereas I prefer cashew nuts in Winter. Even though I do not eat peanuts, I consider it a pea that will get digested like a nut. So, at sacral chakra level, I treat it like a nut. As I look at my sober list, I realize that I would like to try roasted chestnuts again.

Any nut that does not cause problems with digestion will form a healthy sacral chakra snack. Just like fruits, nuts should not be part of any main meal. This advice also stretches to cover oils, ‘milk’ and water, and soups made with or out of nuts.

How about seeds? My advice is to use them with the main meals, and not as a snack. It takes a while for the body and mind to be so disciplined that a few seeds will proof to be a satisfying snack. It is better to discipline the body and mind with recognizable snacks, and use the seeds to season or provide filling for the main meals. I shy away from sunflower seeds, as they keep me hungry.

ShrimpSo far, the diet is quite vegan, because my body likes it that way. Ocean toxicity stopped me from eating fish. I have become very disciplined in letting go of good sushi. When I do break the discipline of my vegan diet, I choose to eat organic cheese or drink organic yogurt (solar plexus food). More complex dishes belong at the solar plexus level.

I have not mentioned milk and eggs. I do not share the general opinion that those are normal in a diet. I feel like it is imposed by society (solar plexus level) and it causes much unnecessary suffering in children, but also in ever more adults. Still, I readily admit bias, because of my own struggle with those products.

Those who still want milk and eggs in their sacral chakra diet, because they use cow milk to feed their babies, and they like eggs for breakfast, have the freedom to choose so. As milk and eggs are not what they used to be, I can then only advise the use of organic produce and products.

All the meals and snacks can be shared with adults and children alike. Those who deal with (severe) allergies will find it easy to locate allergens, and substitute vegetables, fruits or seasoning. Those who have been ill, will be able to take pleasure in having a more varied diet.

For me the sacral chakra diet is the norm. As soon as I find myself binging on solar plexus chakra food, I go back to the root chakra diet, and then work my way back to my sacral chakra diet. And, maybe adopt a new cultural heritage for preparing the food. While writing this article, I switched from French style cooking, back to Chinese style cooking.

Before I dive into writing about the solar plexus chakra food and its trappings, I would like to put forward a disclaimer. I am not a dietician. My body is. And, so is yours. Namaste.

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