In Manibus Fortuna – Palmistry

in-manibus-fortuna2No. 1. Mount of Jupiter.
Location. Root of forefinger.
Interpretation. When very fully shown denotes pride, tyranny; when deficient in size denotes idleness and vulgarity; when there are concentric circles shown by the pores of the skin, here they indicate sure success in religion, marriage and monetary matters, ambition; broken circles or
elongated, slightly less powerful; entirely void, no success thereby.

No. 2. Mount of Saturn.
Location. Root of middle finger.
Interpretation. When fully marked denotes wisdom, prudence; when very full, taciturnity, sadness; when concentric circles are placed here success in all Saturnian affairs; when absent or elongated the person will never make much headway with such things and persons.

No. 3. Mount of the Sun, “Apollo.”
Location. Root of ring finger.
Interpretation. When prominent it gives art, genius, intelligence; when very full, denotes a greedy and untruthful disposition; when flat or small, then it causes the person to be dull; when concentric circles appear here, the person will be very powerful, have riches and honour by the state, or marry a high-born person; elongated or none, shows the person will have mean preferment, or none, as the case may be.

No. 4. Mount of Mercury.
Location. Root of little finger.
Interpretation. When prominent and full, and with concentric circles thereon, it denotes science, inventiveness, wit and success in all Mercurial matters, as writings, professions, especially church
and law, and journeys; when very large and with elongated circles, it denotes theft, lying, cunning;
when flat or none, it shows a negative life, and unfortunate in all above.

No. 5. Girdle of Venus.
Location. A curved line from root of forefinger to root of little finger. 
Interpretation. When this line is clear it shows a natural desire for the opposite sex; when double it denotes an intemperate and lustful life; when broken, it shows terrible loss and infamy through lusts, a filthy person.

No. 6. Via Combusta.
Location. Extends through hollow of hand to mount of middle finger.
Interpretation. See Lines [(8) page 36].

No. 7. Via Solis.
Location. A curved line running from root of ring finger to the mount of the Moon.
Interpretation. When straight and uniformly composed and well coloured, it promises the favour
of great men and great honours; if dissected or uneven judge the contrary, or the frowns or ill
favour of great people, with impediments in life or envy.

No. 8. Line of Fortune.
Location. A line extending from the mount of Jupiter to the mount of Mercury.
Interpretation. When long and with incisures, denotes that the principal members of the body
are strong, constancy; if shorter crooked, the contrary; if severed, the same; when it stops at the
mount of Saturn, it shows a vain lying person; if it branches on mount of Jupiter it denotes honours;
if single or without branches, it shows poverty and want.

No. 9. Liver line.
Location. A curved line running through the palm of the hand, between the line of Fortune and
the Life line.
Interpretation. When straight and not dissected by obscure little lines, denotes a healthy body; if
extending only to the hollow of the hand, or short, it denotes a short life, or full of disease; the longer this line, the longer may the life be; if cut at end poverty in old age.

No. 10. Line of Life.
Location. A curved line running round the root of the thumb.
Interpretation. When broad and uniform, denotes a long and healthy life, and but few diseases; if slender, short or cut, or with little obscure lines running through, it denotes feebleness of body,
sickness, short life, except line be strong; if sloping nicely to Liver line, and beautified in the angle
with parallels or little crosses, it shows a good wit and even temper.

No. 11. Line of Saturn.
Location. A line extending from the wrist lines up to middle finger.
Interpretation. If it extend to the middle finger it indicates profound meditations, and if fortunate,
events in counsels and actions; if short (without other testimony) misfortunes; if bent towards the
mount of the Moon, in the hollow of the hand, imprisonment.

No. 12. Line of the Head and Brain, called by some the line of Health.
Location. A line running from the wrist, or line of Saturn, and extending up to the mount of Mer-
Interpretation. If this line be uniform and not intersected, it forms with the line of Life and Liver line (sometimes called the Head line) a triangle on the plane of Mars, if of good colour, it denotes prudence, manly wit and fair fortune; the more perfect this triangle, the better will be the person’s wit and courage; if obtuse it shows an evil nature and a rude man; no triangle shows a fool or a knave.

No. 13. Line of the Moon.
Location. A line running from the line of Saturn and line of the Brain to the mount of the moon
called sometimes the Via Lactea.
Interpretation. This line being uniformly composed, proportionate and continued, denotes fortu-
nate journeys both by land and sea; also a good brain, the favour of women (the mount of Venus
being also unafflicted), a composed and graceful speech; if it be cut or distorted it argues infelicity
and proneness to lies; if whole and ascending up to little finger it denotes great happiness.

No. 14. Mount of the Moon.
Location. The outside part of hand, opposite to root of thumb, between mount of Mercury and wrist.
Interpretation. Imagination, refinement, poetry; if very large or full it denotes despair, caprice and
almost lunacy; when flat and hollow, denotes dulness, want of speech, positiveness.

No. 15. Plane and place of Mars. The mount of Mars.
Location. The place of Mars is twice represented, one on the side of the palm by the mount of Mars, and the other in the palm between the line of Life and the Liver line, called the plane or place of Mars.
Interpretation. The mount of Mars shows courage; when in excess, passion; when small, temerity.

No. 16. Mount of Venus.
Location. In the root of the thumb.
Interpretation. Love of beauty and pleasure; where large, inconstancy, coquetry; when small,

No. 17. Dragon lines or Bracelets.
Location. Lines to be found on the wrist.
Interpretation. If double or triple and forming a right and continuous tract, it shows good composure
of body; thrice, indicates health, wealth and prosperity; a star or cross here shows tranquillity in
old age; if a line extends to the mount of Moon or Mercury from Dragon lines, it shows esteem and
life in a foreign country.

No. 18. Plane of Mensa, or place of Fortune.
Location. The space between the line of Fortune and the Liver line. 
Interpretation. Great and broad and forming a nice figure, it declares a liberal man, magnanimous
and long-lived; if small and narrow, it argues slender fortune, niggardliness and fearfulness; a star or cross in this space, clear and well-proportioned, especially under the mount of the Sun, shows honours and dignities to follow.

No. 19. Egyptian Staff.
Location. Just below chain of Fortune.
Interpretation. Great renown in antiquities a great commander and ofttimes a great statesman, a lover of ancient research.

No. 20. Chain of Fortune.
Location. Small crosses or stars between the line of Life and the Liver line, under the mount of Jupiter.
Interpretation. These denote wit and an even nature; riches and honours, or wealth by position of noted kind.

Source: Indian Palmistry by J.B. Dale (1895)


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  1. thesevenminds February 3, 2013 at 9:31 pm Reply

    I put up the text of Indian Palmistry by Dale (1895), that is the first 20 descriptions. I will put up the next 20 soon. Enjoy!

  2. […] is the continuance of the post In Manibus Fortuna. The post had been updated with the first 20 descriptions from the book Indian Palmestry by J.B. […]

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