Prayer to Release Anger

Red for Root Chakra[Higher Power],

Please, help me to forgive myself for letting anger into my life and letting it reside in my heart. Help me release and live free of the destructive anger that has disrupted my life. Help me find the courage and strength to face my wounds, and heal them. Help me to release those who have hurt me, and make amends to those whom I have hurt.  I see the error of my ways, and I know that with Your help I will be able to change my ways forever.

Thank You.


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2 thoughts on “Prayer to Release Anger

    • thesevenminds March 17, 2013 at 1:06 pm

      Yes, patience is a powerful antidote. Thanks for the link. It adds much to the post, and is very much in the spirit of the site. 🙂

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