Anger Affects Rebirth

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

Protect ethics and morality to achieve a precious rebirth. To be able to choose the right circumstances to be born in. To have pleasant things in life comes from generosity.

Rebirth as LIGHT. See it, and know that what you do now, will have an effect. You will have to deal with the effects, and still strive for enlightenment.

The antidote to anger is patience. (Even the Dalai Lama gets angry.) Even animals move away from an angry person. One of the five kleshas.

Difficult people are precious, as they learn us to practice bodhicitta. And help us cultivate a mind of patience. Experiencing someone giving us problems, means that we at least have half the responsibility.

Freedom is achieved through study, and practice in a stable way.

Subtle rebirth is on the base of vast merit, but human rebirth is under the influence of karma and delusion or afflictions. (Why am I suffering? Karma? Delusions? Afflictions? These are just circumstances.)



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