Vajra (Dorje)

Antique Nine-Pronged Vajra (Dorje) Metal (Garudashop)


The Buddha introduced us to the basic state of ignorance, or marigpa in Tibetan (Sanskrit: avidya). He explained that we are always in marigpa, which means we are not seeing properly. Ignorance, or marigpa, does not mean stupid. It means that while you may be clever, and you have wisdom, nevertheless you don’t see your wisdom. Not seeing clearly, you could therefore act wrongly.

Everything is linked or interdependent. This is how karma works. If you act positively, the result will be good. If you do wrong, the results will not be good. Your positive actions can create benefit for others, and vice versa, your negative actions will hurt others and you, too. The teachings tell us not to follow the ignorance.

The Vajra is likened to an indestructible diamond or thunderbolt. It destroys all ignorance that obscures our own Buddha nature.

In tantric rituals the Vajra symbolizes the male principle which represents method in the right hand and the Bell symbolizes the female principle, which is held in the left. Also, the Dorje or Vajra represents the “Upaya” or method.

The Tibetan word for Vajra is “Dorje” and is thus regarded as the principal symbol of Vajrayana Buddhism.

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