Child of Buddha

Third Eye MIndBodhisattva Lecture Notes

Ch 1.9

After enlightenment, what title is achieved? Child of Buddha.
Their minds are more important than their worldly position. So, it does not matter if the person is poor, if the mind is enlightened this is a child of Buddha.

It takes a lot of effort to accumulate wealth. What if that effort was put into attaining enlightenment? So, it is clear that we are capable of effort. People have the patience to attend to their appearance, but not to attend to their mind?

Ch 1.10

The lesser becomes supreme. (Sounds much like the New Testament doctrine.)

There is something impure of the human body by Nature. Not just in this life, but in all our previous lives.

White substance from the father mixes with Red substance from the mother producing another unclean body.

The body comes with a mind.
Karma and delusion from previous lives. And the main delusion is ignorance.
Marigpa (Sanskrit: avidya) is unawareness, not being able to see.

Buddha as a bird, brought enlightenment to birds.
The body is just the body. Limited according to its purposes.
Is it not through defiling the body? Karma.

Q: Is the body not a precious vessel?
A: The body is vile, is it not?

(It depends on the right perspective. As a human being, the body is an instrument of great use, and to be handled with care. But, from an enlightened position, the body seems defiled. It leaks tremendously, unlike the ‘bodies’ of the jinas.)


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