Happiness Is A Long-Term Goal

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

The life of his Holiness the Dalai Lama has three main commitments (aims).
1. The promotion of religious harmony and understanding.
One is able to have better relations with others for having a better understanding (and tolerance) of others.
2. To travel throughout the world to help people build this positive state in their minds.
How to endow our human life with meaning? How to live a happy life?
3. To represent the people of Tibet in their struggle for freedom from oppression.

Preciousness of this human life and the things that we can achieve. There has to be a value to obtaining this human body to achieve, instead of just taking care of the body. One might as well be a cow otherwise. Cows know how to take care of their bodies too. And it is much easier.

To waste all our energies to chase temporary pleasures is a waste of this life. We should strive to be happy, but we should also strive for more. Bodily happiness is not enough. This life is short-term, so it is important to be able to think of happiness as a long-term goal, past this life time.

Before his enlightenment Buddha was exactly like us, not able to reach the state of happiness. Buddha obtained complete enlightenment through many life times. He was able to achieve the state through study and practice. Even so, Buddha can only explain the path, not push us onto it. We have to choose the path for ourselves.

Three attainments:
– accumulate the previous life times (to know and use it in this life time);
– eliminate the causes of suffering;
– achieve the state of Buddhahood and lead all other sentient beings to liberation.




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