Seek For the Message

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

Happiness is based on the practice of dharma. The first step is to recognize the difficulties when encountering people and events. Having recognized it, one can proceed to deal with it, and achieve a state of happiness. Reducing the strength of the difficulties is to be able to remove them completely.

The first stage of practice is Buddhist science. It can be practised by anyone. It has benefits for the Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. The power is in the teachings and can bring benefits to anyone in any or all areas of their lives. Success does not mean that their lives have real meaning. Wealth without meaning is empty.

Sentient beings throughout samsara are the same. They all seek to be free of suffering. Not temporary relief, but for the suffering to have been cleared away. This can be achieved through study and practice cultivation of dharma. Through a positive state of mind.

Human beings have special abilities to end the suffering. Whereas animals do not have a sharp mind and are trapped in their bodies – and that state of mind. Human beings have the capacity for intelligence.

This precious rebirth has to be used to improve our qualities. Or the opportunity to do so will be wasted. (One gets stuck in the fleeting pleasures of life.)

Conviction and confidence is needed to know that we can succeed in reaching our goal through the teachings. Seek for the message in the teachings to find the way to a happy life. But, it is not just about the happiness of this life. It goes much further than that.

The cultivation of an unbiased mind is important. As is the appreciation of all religions of the world.




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