One With Soul In Mind

Third Eye MIndLecture Notes

What kind of mind is the mind that has reached the Bodhicitta state of mind? There are two types mentioned in the Bodhisattva, but there are more which can be grouped in the two basic types.
1. wishing bodhicitta state – an aspiring state of mind;
2. engaging bodhicitta state – a state of mind that actually does so.

These are actually not two types of mind, but two types of consciousness. (The one mind can reach either state of consciousness.)

Two states of consciousness:
1. developing the wish to definitely achieve enlightenment;
2. developing the wish to help definitely achieve the enlightenment of others.

Sevenfold cause and effect instruction. The disciples had already internalized the methods, so Maitreya did not mention these in the teachings. As human beings became further removed from the teachings, they became harder to teach. Thus, the methods need to be explained again.

The very supreme mind will aspire to achieve the enlightenment of others. Superior intention: focus on the wish first to make it unchanging in persisting, to then achieve it.

One benefits in Samsara, even if only through wishing Bodhicitta. Without any effort such a person can be kind to others. One experiences a less inflicted mind in general. In contact with others there will be less conflict, strife, and misunderstanding. Mistaken mind of attachment, anger, greed, jealousy, etc.

The thought to achieve enlightenment and to help others, will sustain in a stable mind. Even when in sleeping state. The thought waters the seeds, and benefits will be reaped.

Those controlling society want our mind to focus on their goals, so the mind cannot focus on enlightenment. Money does not lead to enlightenment, so why focus on that?

Cleanse and strengthen the mind.


It was a nice lecture from Geshe. I had a clear enough understanding of the difference between humans and gods. And the state of human. I had the sense that the soul is the immortal one. So, humans strives to be souls, and thus also immortal. But, to be so one has to be enlightened. One with soul in mind. It is amazing. I feel inspired to write more about this topic on the site.



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