Cosmic Energy of Ley Lines

Earth Ley LinesAlong with water lines, ley lines are found at most ancient monuments and sacred places. The honor of the rediscovery of the ley-line system belongs to Alfred Watkins. His basic postulate is that ancient monument sites align in straight lines. Many ancient sites found on British ordinance maps can actually be connected to form an incredible coincidence of interconnecting lines.

A shortcoming of this particular definition of ley lines is that many “ley hunters” have assumed that just because three or more sites are aligned, they are therefore automatically on a ley line. This simply is not true. Alignment does not determine the presence of a ley line, although it can act as supporting evidence for one.

The ley-line system exists as an independent circuitry with the capacity to affect consciousness. Ley lines are part of the Earth’s energy system. Monuments serve to reveal or mark the network, making the sites more special by connecting and networking them together.

Ley, as a word, is akin to leoht (light illumination) and Middle English lea meaning “pasture land, a meadow which is open to the sun and therefore, at times, drenched with light.” This connection of the word ley with light is significant on several levels. Physically, the clearing of tracks through the forest lights the way and marks the “ley of the land.”

The word ley is related to ley, lee and lay. This etymological sequence describes a sort of cosmic roadway system upon which people traveled in pre-Renaissance times. First, lines were delineated by cleared hilltop notches (ley), then woodland through which the ley line passed was cleared (lay), and then the fields which domesticated the landscape were cleared (lee) with the names ley, lay, and lee applying to each stage of ley landscape development.

Visualize mounded tree groves on ley lines and a grove of trees on the ley lightway, filled with sacred cosmic light. Imagine standing on a hilltop at dusk, seeing an aura of lighted lines passing through earthworks and stone circles, with darkened groves of trees glowing with soft light. A magical mystery tour!

Ley lines and light are very closely related. Ley lines are cosmic forces originating outside of the Earth. They penetrate and leave the Earth vertically at nodes. The penetrating nodes are called power centers. As illustrated above, when entering, ley lines continue to a point 265 feet below the surface of the Earth. At this point, it makes a 90 degree right-angle turn and travels in a perfectly straight line as seen from a “birds-eye view” and in an undulating motion as seen from the side, but always maintaining a depth of 265 feet, relative to the surface of the Earth.

The average length of a ley line is twenty to thirty miles, although the length can vary from only a few feet to thousands of miles. The width of the line varies, but the average is 5-1/2 feet, the width of the Roman road. The horizontally traveling ley line exits the Earth by again turning 90 degrees and passing straight through the center of the Earth and coming out the other side.

What Do Ley Lines Feel Like?
Like water lines, a vertical field extends up from the ley line through homes and buildings. The nature of this field is yang or energetic. A person who sits or lies over a ley line for an extended time will tend to be hyperactive. This can work to advantage in healing or in situations where extra energy is useful, but if someone is already very energetic, the ley line may cause an unhealthy situation.

And if the ley line is negative, the negative aspects of extra energy will be manifest in tension, anxiety, and neurosis. Here are some comments from people talking about what standing over a ley line feels like to them:

  • “Energizing, white/fuzziness.”
  • “Light, see a glowing line that goes with the direction of flow.”
  • “Began to feel like I was weaving.”
  • “Faint smooth energy.”



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