Dragon – Winged Serpent – Lines

Earth Kundalini 2The  “dragon”  or  “serpent”,  also  represent   the  geo-magnetic grid of  the  Earth…   “ley  lines”,   which  are  also  called  dragon lines  or  “dragon  currents”  along  with  the  electro-magnetic dimensional  energy  forces  they  transport.

The  ancient  people  would  communicate and  have  access to the spirits and  dimensional  worlds of  their  ancestors, and harness  the  “electromagnetic  energies,”   of  these  dragon lines  for  the  fantastic magic  abilities, the harnessing  of “Light”  and  “Energy”, as  well  as  for   the  “health-bearing” properties of  this  hyper-dimensional  energy.

China  has  an  ancient  science dedicated  to  the  “use”  of landscapes following  these  dragon  lines,  called  Feng  Shui. Chinese  and  India  temples  and  sacred  sites are  all  built along  these  dragon  lines, as  well as  the great  China  Wall, which  resembles  a  great  dragon!   They  are  powerful veins of  “yang”  energy,  which  usually  run  concurrently with  sacred  alignments,  but  not  always.

Ancient  sites, temples  and   holy  places  would  be  planned out,  using  these  “sacred”  dragon  lines as  landscape markers   and  markers of  hyper-dimensional  vortex  gateways (Where  these  dragon  lines  intersect  and  cross  one  another), in  which,  many  cemeteries  and Churches are  built  on  top  of. They  are  the source of  the  “Holy”  and  “Healing”  waters.

Sometimes,  they  were  situated  in  a  straight  line ranging from  one  or  two,   to  several  miles  in  length.   In  this  way, they  “harnessed”  and  increased  the  energy  of  these  forces.

The  ancient  science  of  dragon  and  serpent  lines and harnessing  these  mystical  forces can  be  traced  back to  the ancient   star  gods.

Text from: http://www.strayreality.com/Lanis_Strayreality/leylines.htm


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2 thoughts on “Dragon – Winged Serpent – Lines

  1. Shanon February 19, 2014 at 5:00 pm Reply

    Hello. I need you to remove this image please. We paid top dollar to have this image created for our Sacred Centers logo. You are welcome to purchase it for $75. Thanks for understanding.

  2. thesevenminds February 19, 2014 at 7:15 pm Reply

    It is no problem. The picture has been replaced.

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