Chakra Interaction

Chakras3All of our senses, perceptions, and possible states of awareness can be divided into seven categories that are associated with each of the seven chakras. Each chakra represents certain portions of our body as well as certain experiences and states of consciousness.

 Tensions that are felt in our psyche are also felt in our bodies via the chakra system. Conversely, tensions felt in our bodies are also experienced in our psyche. The chakras are how our unconscious and superconscious self can communicate with our conscious mind.

 Each chakra vibrates to a different frequency. The lowest frequencies are closer to the base of our spine, and the highest frequencies closer to the crown of our head. The chakras are located on the surface of our etheric body. Each of the seven chakras is in a different location along the spinal cord and each chakra influences a different endocrine gland and nerve plexus.



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