The Mind and Body of Society

As I started to look at society as a whole body moving in unison with what the puppet masters dictate, I could come to see society as a living entity that is made up of mostly mindless individuals. Well, maybe not mindless, but the mass is definitely not aware of the stages – or layers – of mind. I am consciously aware of three of my minds, but I am frustrated that I am not really able to master the fourth and higher levels. I am still to master those first three.

As I write this, I am for the first time aware that those three minds correspond with the first three chakras. Oh my, that third mind is powerful. Or, am I already tapping into the higher minds? Is the fifth mind not connected to creativity? I feel a new blog being born! The Seven Minds.


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2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. thesevenminds January 30, 2013 at 1:21 am Reply

    The beauty of writing. I am no longer confused. It is the throat chakra that opened up, as I put pen to paper. Now I put fingers to the keyboard, and make sense of all the wise words that I have picked up along the way, and still pick up from others who are way ahead of me. As long as I stay connected to my lower chakras and keep writing on what still needs purification, I will be building an even stronger foundation to rely on as I strain to train to connect to my higher minds.

  2. thesevenminds June 25, 2013 at 8:04 pm Reply

    The beauty of footwork. To know that as the heart gets purified, the higher mind shines through. Through writing and vision, I have come to trust my Higher mind more, and to resent doing the footwork less. I am able to heal all that still needs healing, and to work on all that I need to work on. It feels so much better to live on the heart chakra level, as I was meant to. But, it still takes effort to climb back up when I fall back. It is work in progress. As my spirit moves me, as my soul guides me. Namaste.

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